Isaac Lim


Isaac Lim is the founder and principle of the Energy Psychology Centre of Malaysia. He is also the leader of the Malaysian EFT Chapter associated with AHPM/FCNMAM a MOH recognised association. The Malaysia EFT Chapter under the Energy Psychology Centre is the primary vehicle for creating awareness on EFT and producing trained EFT practitioners in Malaysia. Isaac Lim aims to promote EFT, Energy Eft, Modern Stress Management, Emo as GoE Trainer and qigong as a preventative and therapeutic tool, and to create awareness on the importance of processing stress and other negative emotions among professionals and laypeople alike. 

Associated Member of Malaysian Psychotherapy Association /Associate Member of Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia/Member of IACT Certified under the American Board of NLP practitioners /Certified as EFT–ADV (Advanced) by EFT Master Dr. Patricia Carrington (US) /Certified Level 3 under EFT Master Peter Graham in Australia /Attended Dr. Maggie Phillips (US) workshops on Somatic and Energy Therapy and on Healing Pain and Trauma /Certified Advanced training in Hypnotherapy under Dr. George Bien /Certified Competency in Geriatric Care by University Malaya -Medical Faculty /Certificate of Attendance in Basic Energy Medicine by Akamai University Hawaii /Certificate of Attendance in Effective Councelling in Clinical Practice. /Certified as WMQ Medical Qigong practitioner in medical healing and as an instructor in Qigong wellness exercise certified NOSS Ministry of Human Resources. /Member of Malaysian Qigong Therapy Society 

Trainer for GoE/Master EEFT/ Master EMO/Trainer in Modern Stress Management/Modern Energy Tapping/Modern Energy Coach. Isaac is a certified trainer under Human Resource PMBS Train the Trainer and his trainings are HRDF claimable.